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Diesel Tuning

Nearly all modern diesel engines found in your favorite four wheel drives and passenger cars come factory tuned around certain emissions standards and regulations. As such, this factory tune, in most cases, is not the best tune for power, torque, fuel efficiency or engine longevity. The factory performance of these vehicles leaves a lot to be desired, a complete OnSong Performance Dyno Tune is the best value for money modification to unlock the hidden potential of your vehicle.

Whether it be a Landcruiser, Patrol, Prado, Hilux, Navara, D-Max, Ranger, BT-50, or any other Diesel fourby, we here at OnSong will have a package to suit your needs and desires with some platforms seeing a power and torque increase of up to 40%! 


With our state of the art onsite dyno you can be rest assured that your tune is optimal and safe for your setup. Don't get sucked in to some places that will simply re-flash your ecu without the correct tooling and equipment to properly check the performance and safety, these cheap re-flashes could end up costing you big time!

We can also supply and fit Exhaust Upgrades, Clutch Upgrades, Snorkel Upgrades and injector/pump Upgrades at competitive prices. Why go anywhere else?

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