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Here at OnSong Performance, we love the LS engine platform. Being that it is so popular, we have come up with a few set cam packages we can perform to give you the results you are looking for! 

Please email us with some information about your vehicle and your goals to receive an quote.

All cam packages are drive in - drive out. We supply, fit, and tune your car to suit in-house!

We have come up with 3 tiers of cam packages available. Each tier varies the labour involved and parts required, however, any 3 tiers can be done with whichever cam you choose, mild or wild. If you are having trouble deciding on a cam, feel free to ask us!


For tier one you get a simple Cam upgrade + Valve spring upgrade. We also replace any seals/gaskets that are disturbed in the process and then tune to suit the new cam. For this process your heads are not removed.


For this level of upgrade we remove your heads. As such you receive upgraded lifters, as well as Valve Springs and Cam, new Timing set, new head gaskets and head bolts, and if required, we will service your valves and valve seats. Given the level of labour involved with this kind of package, if you would like to upgrade your headbolts, your oil pump, or anything else which we have to remove and re fit anyway, we are happy to upgrade it for no extra labour costs. This is why its always best to email us for a quote!


This package includes everything from Tier 2, with the added process of head work. We will send your heads away for porting, decking and a 3 angle valve job to suit your goals!


We recommend with all of our Cam Kits a set of upgraded rocker trunnions. The stock needle roller trunnions in the rockers have a tendency to fail, scattering little hardened steel needles throughout your engine which can be catastrophic. . We remove the stock needle roller bearings and replace them with CHE Precision Engineering solid oil-impregnated bronze bush bearing. This eliminates the risk of this kind of failure as well as eliminating the stock lift-limiting trunnions. 


Depending on your application, you may require other supporting modifications to go with you cam kit in order to maximize the potential of your combo. We can supply and fit: VCM OTR intake, Exhaust Systems, upgraded stall converters etc. Depending on your goals and what modifications you already have, the costs of these may vary. But it is important to incorporate this into your budget.

Ask for a specific quote today and see what we can do to unlock the potential of your LS!!

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