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Meet The Team


Graduating high-school on the sunshine coast with a natural interest in physics and engineering. Max was invited to start an undergraduate in mechanical engineering by USC during the 10th grade. Balancing University and High-school, Max moved into full time university study straight after graduation. Financial hardship would lead to a deferral from University, moving into the telecommunications industry as a rigger and technician. 


Graduating from one of the sunshine coasts prestigious private schools with an OP 1. Rex quickly moved into a Mechanical Engineering degree at QUT. Financial Hardship would lead Rex to defer and move into telecommunications industry as a rigger and supervisor.


Relevant certification: 

  • Cert 4 in Engineering (MEM40105)

  • Cert 3 in Engineering - Mechanical Trade (MEM30205)

  • Cert 3 in LV Mechanical Technology (AUR30616)

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